2021 NFL Draft: Final Center Rankings

For the most part, pro days are finished. All of the athletic testing we are going to get has been documented. The proverbial hay is in the barn. It is time to finalize all of my position rankings.

Each position group is scored differently in my formula. I take into account my tape grade (70-75% depending on the position). I also factor in production at the collegiate level (15% for all non-offensive linemen). The other main portion is an athletic score (15% for non-OL, 25% for OL). I also assign a small bump for each position group based on the value of that position in the NFL. Quarterbacks get the highest while RBs get the lowest.

With that being said, let’s look at the centers. I watched 10 in this draft cycle.


1 Creed Humphrey Oklahoma 8.6 10 9.1
2 Quinn Meinerz UW-Whitewater 8.25 9.98 8.83
3 Landon Dickerson Alabama 8.6 8.36 8.69
4 Robert Hainsey Notre Dame 8.2 9.21 8.6
5 Drew Dalman Stanford 7.75 9.82 8.42
6 Josh Myers Ohio State 8.2 8.36 8.39
7 Jimmy Morrissey Pittsburgh 7.67 9.13 8.19
8 Drake Jackson Kentucky 7.7 8.36 8.02
9 Jaelin Fisher Charlotte 6.5 8.36 7.12
10 Trey Hill Georgia 7.7 2.02 6.43

Tomorrow we will look at the edge rusher position.

Image courtesy of Jackson Stewart/The Daily

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