2021 NFL Draft Preliminary Defensive Line List

After putting a bow on the 2020 NFL Draft with team-by-team recaps it is now time to look to the future. The 2020 college football season “should be” getting underway in a little over two months. When (if?) the season starts, Deep Fried Draft will be right there bringing you all of the things you are accustomed to seeing from me.

Like last year, I am entering the 2021 NFL Draft season with 300 names on my watch list.

Today, we are going to look at the defensive linemen. These players will be listed only by class and not in any sort of official ranking.

2021 Preliminary Defensive Line List


LaBryan Ray Alabama Sr 6’4 294
Xavier Kelly Arkansas Sr 6’3 270
Tyrone Truesdell Auburn Sr 6’2 310
Khyiris Tonga BYU Sr 6’4 321
Elijah Ponder Cincinnati Sr 6’2 275
Niles Pinckney Clemson Sr 6’1 300
Mustafa Johnson Colorado Sr 6’2 285
Kyree Campbell Florida Sr 6’2 304
Marvin Wilson Florida State Sr 6’4 318
Quinton Bohanna Kentucky Sr 6’3 361
Neil Farrell LSU Sr 6’4 298
Naquan Jones Michigan State Sr 6’4 338
Jordon Scott Oregon Sr 6’1 322
Austin Faoliu Oregon Sr 6’3 293
Rashad Weaver Pittsburgh Sr 6’5 270
Lorenzo Neal Purdue Sr 6’2 315
Brandon Pili Southern Cal Sr 6’3 325
Tyree Turner UAB Sr 6’0 285
Levi Onwuzurike Washington Sr 6’3 288
Darius Stills West Virginia Sr 6’1 292


Marvin Wilson and LaBryan Ray lead the way for this senior class of defensive line prospects. Wilson, had he played a full season in 2019, likely would have been a first-round selection in the 2020 draft. Instead, Wilson enters as the top defensive interior prospect this year. Khyiris Tonga of BYU could be the best pure nose tackle of this class.


Rashad Colson FIU Jr 6’5 310
Tyler Shelvin LSU Jr 6’3 346
Jaylen Twyman Pittsburgh Jr 6’2 290
Jay Tufele Southern Cal Jr 6’3 315
Thomas Booker Stanford Jr 6’4 298


As of right now, the underclassmen lack a certain panache. Jalen Twyman is probably the best of the bunch. One player I want to see more of is Rashad Colson of FIU. He flashed dominance when I saw him in person at the Camellia Bowl in Montgomery.

Next up, we look ahead to the 2021 linebacker class.

Image courtesy of Greg Oyster | 247Sports(WCTV)