2020 NFL Draft: Final QB Rankings

The 2020 NFL Draft is three weeks away from today. After watching tape on over 400 prospects, I can finalize my board.

Because of the worldwide pandemic shutting down any sense of normalcy, this year’s final grades are going to be off. Because of athletic testing being incomplete on nearly half of the prospects I watched tape on, I was forced to make some adjustments to final grades. Each player who didn’t record a RAS score was given a grade of 6 (1-10 scale). This may end up hurting most prospects who would have tested much higher than that and may help a few that wouldn’t have.

It is a tad disappointing that in the first year of my new grading system that it is so incomplete but here we are. Tape grades are the biggest percentage of final scores so for the most part, the system should work.

Over the next two weeks, I will breakdown each position group for the 2020 NFL Draft.

Today, we are going to start with the quarterbacks.



1-Joe Burrow-LSU-9.394

2-Tua Tagovailoa-Alabama-9.11

3-Justin Herbert-Oregon-9.069

4-Jalen Hurts-Oklahoma-8.213

5-Jordan Love-Utah State-8.068

6-Cole McDonald-Hawaii-7.733

7-Jacob Eason-Washington-7.555

8-Steven Montez-Colorado-7.382

9-Bryce Perkins-Virginia-7.369

10-Kelly Bryant-Missouri-7.274

11-Broc Rutter-North Central (IL)-7.22

12-James Morgan-FIU-7.125

13-Anthony Gordon-Washington State-7.121

14-Jake Fromm-Georgia-7.111

15-Jake Luton-Oregon State-7.101

16-Mason Fine-North Texas-7.1

17-Tom Flacco-Towson-7.1

18-Jacob Knipp-Northern Colorado-7.04

19-Nathan Stanley-Iowa-7.02

20-Kevin Davidson-Princeton-6.916

21-Nick Tiano-Chattanooga-6.56

22-Brian Lewerke-Michigan State-6.406

23-Shea Patterson-Michigan-6.246

24-Riley Neal-Vanderbilt-5.58


Like most years, the QB class isn’t going to be deep. There will never be enough quality passers to meet demand. Because of that demand, there is a possibility that 4-5 QBs will go in round one.

Joe Burrow, fresh off the single greatest season in the history of college football, is a lock to go first overall. Justin Herbert and Tua Tagovailoa are battling to be the second QB selected. Herbert has done everything right since the season ended. For Tagovailoa, it will all come down to how teams feel about his medical situation. Jordan Love is going to end up being selected in the first round. A team is going to fall in love with his upside. I also would not be shocked if Jacob Eason ends up on day one. Eason has the biggest arm in this draft class.


Without a doubt, the player I am higher on than most is Division III North Central QB Broc Rutter. Rutter is savvy in the pocket, is accurate, and possesses above-average arm strength. Of course, you would have loved to see him against higher competition. In the Hula Bowl, Rutter showed glimpses of that on about 10% of his snaps. Unfortunately, the offensive line play in that game may have been the worst I have ever seen in an All-Star game. Rutter likely will not be drafted but he should have a chance to make his way into a camp (if those camps end up happening).


Georgia QB Jake Fromm is probably going to be drafted in the fourth round or so. He has an average arm at best. Fromm is a poor athlete. He has been mostly accurate in his career, especially in the red zone. Fromm should be a quality backup in the NFL for a while.

Next up, we will check in on the RBs.


Image courtesy of Gerald Herbert/AP

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