2020 NFL Draft Pick Trades, Draft Date News, and More

The 2020 NFL league year got started today with the legal “tampering” period. Why the NFL maintains that this isn’t the official start of the league year, everyone knows it really is. The facade the NFL portrays is ludicrous.

Free agency will completely alter the direction we have thought that some teams will go. Either with a big free-agent signing or a trade, the 2020 NFL Draft will be shaken up over the next week.

Today, we will look at three trades struck on day one and a huge development for the presentation of the 2020 NFL Draft.


The NFL Draft is going to look like it did back when ESPN started broadcasting the event back in the early ’80s. Studio analysis after the pick is announced by the commissioner. No red carpets, no Deion Sanders player interviews on stage, no retired player butchering a 2nd-round pick’s name.

Because of the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, the entire country, and to a much lesser extent the sports world, has been upended.

Pro Days have been canceled throughout the country, scouts and NFL personnel have been pulled off the road. A lot of 2020 NFL Draft prospects will have incomplete grades because of the lack of testing data.

There is a prevailing theory that players who attended an all-star and the combine will have an advantage over players who didn’t. As teams will have had a chance to check all of the boxes.

I have mixed feelings about the changes. If the draft was postponed, there is no guarantee that the virus will have been stopped by the time of the rescheduling date. However, the thought of a streamlined draft process excites me.

I am slightly saddened that we won’t get to see what would have likely been a ridiculous spectacle in Las Vegas…slightly. Like 2% sad.


Houston Texans head coach/general manager Bill O’ Brien continues to prove he can’t be trusted with the keys to the castle. He orchestrated a trade today with the Arizona Cardinals, sending one of the best wide receivers in the NFL, Deandre Hopkins and a 2020 4th-rounder, in exchange for RB David Johnson, a 2020 2nd, and a 2021 4th.

O’Brien has proved time-and-time again that he isn’t capable of making a good trade. He gave up their 3rd-round pick this year to the Browns for Duke Johnson. A player that is eerily similar to the one he acquired from Arizona. Miami has their first-round pick from the Laremy Tunsil trade.

Johnson, who was a draft favorite of mine, parlayed his one non-injury riddled season into an albatross contract that Houston took on in full.

On the flip side, this trade is absolute grand larceny for Arizona. The Cardinals give Kyler Murray a number one target with Larry Fitzgerald nearing the end of his illustrious career. This also frees them up to draft one of the top offensive tackles available to them at pick #8.



After losing Austin Hooper in free agency to Cleveland, Atlanta pulled the trigger on a trade with the Ravens. The Falcons acquired TE Hayden Hurst and a 4th-round pick from Baltimore for a 2020 second and fifth-round pick.

Hurst hasn’t been overly productive for Baltimore since being selected 25th overall in 2018. Baltimore had depth at the position allowing them to absorb the loss. The former Gamecock superstar should see his targets go up in Atlanta.



This appears to be the rare trade where both teams got equal value. The Colts get one of the best defensive linemen in the NFL and the 49ers get a chance to potentially add an offensive weapon. The Niners had an abundance of interior defensive linemen, especially with the re-signing of Arik Armstead.

The Colts are quite obviously in win-now mode. They will now set their sights on signing a free agent QB like Phillip Rivers to try to push them over the top.

Stay tuned to Deep Fried Draft for more trade updates and everyone stay safe out there.

Image courtesy of Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports