2020 NFL Draft News Update with 23 Days to Go

The 2020 NFL Draft is 23 days from today and the proverbial hay is close to being in the barn.

With pro days being shut down and team visits not be permitted due to the COVID-19 virus, teams are going to have to rely on different methods than ever before. The situation this year means teams will have to rely on film grades and the limited testing numbers from the Combine and a handful of pro days that took place.

The common belief amongst draft media is that players who played in an all-star game and worked out at the combine will have a leg up on those that didn’t. Players with medical question marks will not be checked by team doctors at their facilities. Players with character red flags will not be able to explain those away face-to-face with teams. NFL squads are being permitted to interview prospects via Facetime, Skype, etc.

Small school players who weren’t lucky enough to be invited to an All-Star are screwed. Every year small schoolers get on team’s radars by having a ridiculous Pro Day workout at a bigger university. This year most did not have that opportunity.

Let’s break down some other news items that you may have missed over the last two weeks:


From a purely selfish point of view, I am glad the 2020 NFL Draft is still taking place on April 23rd-25th. While I get the support for postponement, especially when it comes to the players we talked about earlier, I feel like pushing the draft back wouldn’t accomplish anything.

Commissioner Roger Goodell decreed in a memo last week that the draft will go as planned. However, we still don’t know exactly how it will be presented on television. Unfortunately, Goodell came off as a dickhead authoritarian with his “don’t criticize me” crap in the bottom portion of the memo.


I truly get the concerns of the GM’s and Goodell comes out looking bad after this when he didn’t have to.



The Bills were commonly linked to drafting a wide receiver in the first round and now they have. Diggs is one of the better pass catchers in the NFL. The Vikings get more than fair compensation in return. The Houston Texans and Bill O’ Brien should be ashamed seeing the return Minnesota got compared to what they didn’t get for a better WR, Deandre Hopkins.


Mock drafts have had the Lions taking a corner at pick three since the season ended and that is almost assured now. Slay made it known he was not happy in Detroit. The Eagles gave a couple of mid-round picks and some major extension cash in the trade. Philly filled one of its major needs heading into the draft.


The Bears appear as they will waste another year of their defense with mediocre QB play. Foles will either be handed the starting job or “compete” with Mitchell Trubisky. Either way, Chicago is in bad shape.


On Monday, I will be releasing my penultimate Mock Draft of the year. Since athletic testing seems to be over, I finalized my big board for the 2020 NFL Draft. I will release each position group over the next few weeks before releasing my final board the week of the draft.

The biggest question after the draft ends on the 25th becomes will we have football in 2020. The spread of the coronavirus shows no sign of slowing down in the United States despite the overwhelming social distancing protocols being put in place.

So I hope everyone stays safe out there, wash your damn hands, and avoid as many people as possible.

Until, next time…

Image courtesy of Alex Goodlett/Getty Images