SEC Underclassman QBs to Watch in 2019

2020 NFL Draft

The SEC is no stranger to top end quarterback play. The 2020 NFL Draft could add a couple of future first round picks. There is also a wild card at the position that we will take a dive into.

Let’s take a preliminary look at Tua Tagovailoa, Jake Fromm, and Feleipe Franks.

Tua Tagovailoa, JR, Alabama

Games Watched: (2018) Missouri, Auburn

Tagovailoa isn’t a perfect QB prospect. However, any flaw he has isn’t glaring. Tagovailoa can make any throw required. His arm can stretch the field vertically and horizontally. Tua gets through his reads quickly. He rarely makes a mistake. Tagovailoa puts the ball where he needs to. He gives his receivers the opportunity they need to pick up yards after the catch.

Tua will stand in the pocket and fire a bullet downfield. He sometimes does this to a fault. Tagovailoa will take unnecessary hits. Mechanically, he is one of the better passers I have studied. Health could be a concern. Tagovailoa had a knee procedure done after the 2018 season.

Tape Score (Preliminary): 9

Production Score (Preliminary): 10

Preliminary Score (Minus Athletic Testing): 6.9

Jake Fromm, JR, Georgia

Games Watched: (2018) South Carolina, Alabama

Jake Fromm has started for Georgia since he replaced an injured Jacob Eason as a true freshman. His arm strength is tremendous. Fromm can fit the pigskin through narrow throwing lanes. He does a good job finding the open receiver. For the most part, Fromm is an accurate deliverer of the football.

The most glaring weakness in his game is the ability to manage a disintegrating pocket. Fromm struggles with his decision making and his mechanics fall apart when casually pressured. Look out below if he gets heavy pressure. Fromm has some ground to make up to get a first-round grade from me, much less a top ten grade.

Tape Score (Preliminary):  7.8

Production Score (Preliminary): 9

Preliminary Score (Minus Athletic Testing): 6.03

Feleipe Franks, JR, Florida

Games Watched: (2018) LSU, Michigan

Feleipe Franks was dead-to-rights as a prospect in my eyes until the second half of 2018. He started taking big strides under new head coach Dan Mullen.

Franks has one of the biggest arms in college football. He is capable of throwing the ball nearly eighty yards in the air. Franks is also capable of putting the ball in tight spaces. He gets through his progressions quickly enough. Franks escapes and climbs the pocket well. He is also a tough son of a gun.

Franks accuracy suffers because of his poor throwing base. He has a mild windup throwing the ball that can cause issues. Franks’ flaws are fixable but it may take more than just this season.

Tape Score (Preliminary): 7.8

Production Score (Preliminary): 8

Preliminary Score (Minus Athletic Testing): 5.88

On our next journey during the QB voyage, we will finish up the underclassmen with a transfer and a Longhorn.

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