Mountain West Conference Has Some QB Talent to Watch in 2019

The Mountain West Conference probably isn’t the first league that comes to mind when you think of quarterback prospects. The 2020 NFL Draft could feature a handful of signal callers from the west coast. Three underclassmen have the potential to make it to the NFL. Whether that is through the 2020 or 2021 draft remains to be seen.

Let’s take a preliminary look at Jordan Love, Cole McDonald, and Armani Rogers.

Jordan Love, JR, Utah State

Games Watched: (2018) Michigan State, BYU

Love has a big arm. He made several tight window throws against Michigan State. The type of throws that will make QB-needy teams salivate. Love does a good job quickly getting through his progressions. He quickly finds the open receiver. Love throws a fairly catchable ball. There are some throws where he can improve his accuracy. He overthrew multiple, wide-open targets in space.

Love is mechanically sound throwing the football. I have little concern with his footwork. My main concern with Jordan Love is how he handled the pressure. In particular, against the Spartans, he made several rushed throws on pressure up the middle. These rushed passes resulted in turnovers or other poor decisions.

Tape Score (Preliminary): 8.2

Production Score (Preliminary): 9

Preliminary Score (Minus Athletic Testing): 6.27

Cole McDonald, JR, Hawaii

Games Watched: (2018) Colorado State, Fresno State

McDonald emerged onto the stage quickly in 2018. He quickly gets through his reads in the new version of the “Run and Shoot” offense. McDonald has the arm strength required for the job. I love how he feels the pressure in the pocket. McDonald senses the rush, bails out when he needs to and delivers a pretty ball.

I am a little worried about his balance in the pocket. His throwing mechanics get wonky at times. McDonald doesn’t always set his feet. This results in him not getting enough power in some of his throws.

Tape Score (Preliminary): 8

Production Score (Preliminary): 8

Preliminary Score (Minus Athletic Testing): 6

Armani Rogers, JR, UNLV

Games Watched: (2018) UTEP

Rogers came into Vegas as a highly touted recruit. Some even said he was the next Cam Newton. This praise has been/still is a tad far-fetched. Rogers is a hell of an athlete in the open field. His arm strength is also a plus.

Unfortunately, this is the end of the praise for Mister Rogers. There seem to be no progressions to speak of in the Rebel’s offense. It is one read and run. When Rogers throws the football, the accuracy simply isn’t there yet. This probably stems from his poor footwork. Rogers also missed a chunk of development time with a foot injury in the middle of the 2018 campaign.

Rogers would have to get better in a hurry to warrant entering the 2020 draft.

Tape Score (Preliminary): 6.6

Production Score (Preliminary): 5

Preliminary Score (Minus Athletic Testing): 4.71

On our next journey during the QB voyage, we will dive headfirst into the mighty S-E-C!

Images courtesy of Rick Scuteri, FR157181 AP, utahstateaggies, USA Today and Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY