Deep Fried Draft: State of the Union

So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that there have been some changes around Deep Fried Draft. These changes don’t just encompass the look of the site. Although that has changed vigorously. No. There is a lot of changing going on in the way I evaluate players.

For the last several seasons, I have attempted to watch as many college football games on a given weekend that I could. Most of the time it ended up somewhere between 10-14. On some weekends as many as 20 passed through my DVR. All of this to the chagrin of my beautiful wife and daughter who could almost be convinced I didn’t even live in the same house as them during CFB season.

However, digesting as much college football as I could can leave me a tad strained as an evaluator. I mean how well could I scout one player if I was trying to watch other players in eleven other games nearly back-to-back?

So this season, I am going to pare back the number of games I watch and supplement it with cut-ups done by the crew at What’s On NFL Draft. Mark Jarvis and company do a tremendous job with the work they do. Their spreadsheet is fabulous. Everyone should donate a few bucks to them, especially if you love the NFL Draft.

So, with all that said, moving forward I am going to make a more tactical approach to draft evaluating. I will be taking a more thought-out approach to scheduling what games I watch each week.

I have also capped the number of players I start the season with at 300. More will be added after the 2019 season. However, for now, I feel 300 is a nice round number to start with. If I feel I need to add a new player to my list, well that means one has to go.

Analytics have finally made their way to Deep Fried Draft. Well sort of. I am finally getting with the times (so to speak) and figuring in production and athletic testing to my final grades. For the production tallies, I relied on my friend Pete Smith of Browns Maven and the Locked on Browns Podcast. Pete has been on top of this stuff for a while. For the athletic testing portion, I will be leaning heavily on the R.A.S. scoring done by Kent Lee Platte. Seriously, that dude is a genius when it comes to this stuff.

Of course, the tape grade will still be the biggest determining factor for a player’s final grade. This is how it should always be.

So long story short, Deep Fried Draft is a chang’n and me as an evaluator is changing right along with it. I hope you will be coming along for the ride.


Image courtesy of Brian Bosarge | Deep Fried Draft