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**2015 NFL Draft Review (5/4/15)**

The 2015 NFL Draft is in the books, and it was a strange, albeit tame one. The first round ended with only two trades and only 7 quarterbacks were drafted during the entire process.

Below I am going to show the rankings based on value each team had during the draft. How did I come up with these rankings? I ranked 300 players for the 2015 draft. There were 256 picks made during the process. If team A made a selection at pick 15, and they selected a player I had ranked at number 20, that would be a value of negative 5. If a player was selected that I did not have ranked in my Top 300, that player was assigned a rank of 301, and would be subtracted accordingly. Certain teams value certain players differently than I do, so these rankings are by no means indicative of future success. Case in point, the two teams that played in the Super Bowl operate on completely different wave lengths than most teams. They take players that most teams would not (or at least not as high as they do), but these teams are still successful. With all of that being said here are the value charts :

TOTAL VALUE                                        AVERAGE VALUE


1       BENGALS        37                             1        BENGALS            4

2       BROWNS         26                             2        BROWNS            2

3       FALCONS       -4                             3        FALCONS           -1

4       JAGUARS        -7                             3        JAGUARS            -1

5       JETS                -49                           5        JETS                   -8

6       BILLS              -64                           6        BILLS                  -11

7       BEARS            -102                         7        TEXANS              -16

8       TEXANS          -114                         8        BEARS                -17

9       PANTHERS      -132                         8        49ERS                -17

10     STEELERS        -146                         10     STEELERS           -18

11     BUCCS            -152                         11     BUCCS               -22

12     49ERS             -174                         12     TITANS              -23

13     CARDINALS    -179                         13     VIKINGS             -24

14     LIONS             -192                         14     PANTHERS         -26

15     GIANTS          -199                         14     CARDINALS        -26

16     TITANS           -210                         16     SAINTS               -26

17     EAGLES           -219                         17     LIONS                -27

18     SAINTS           -231                         18     RAVENS             -30

19     VIKINGS         -236                         19     GIANTS              -33

20     DOLPHINS      -258                         19     BRONCOS          -33

21     RAVENS          -271                         21     EAGLES              -37

22     BRONCOS       -294                         22     PACKERS            -42

23     PACKERS        -336                         23     REDSKINS          -54

24     CHARGERS     -339                         24     PATRIOTS           -55

25     COLTS            -476                         25     RAMS                 -56

26     RAMS             -500                         26     DOLPHINS          -57

27     CHIEFS           -542                         27     RAIDERS             -58

28     REDSKINS       -543                         28     COLTS                -60

29     RAIDERS         -584                         28     CHIEFS               -60

30     PATRIOTS       -609                         30     CHARGERS         -68

31     COWBOYS      -638                         31     COWBOYS          -80

32     SEAHAWKS     -735                         32     SEAHAWKS         -92

The total value represents each team's cumulative value for every pick they made. The average  value represents the average value of each selection made by the team.







1-1-BUCCS-1-Jameis Winston-QB-Florida State-rSo-6'3-231

There was no surprise here. The Buccs took the best player and the best QB in the draft. Winston has some off-field issues and had some bad interceptions this season, but the good far outweighs the bad. Tampa has the skill players and defense in place to win quickly and I believe they will address their porous offensive line tonight.

1-2-TITANS-4-Marcus Mariota-QB-Oregon-Jr-6'3-222

Despite the rumors of massive trade offers, the Titans stood pat and added their franchise QB. Mariota isn’t as polished as Winston, but his upside is tremendous.

1-3-JAGUARS-5-Dante Fowler-DE-Florida -Jr-6'2-261

Jacksonville needed pass rush help, and they acquired one of the best in the draft. Fowler is also good in the run game.

1-4-RAIDERS-3-Amari Cooper-WR-Alabama-Jr-6'1-211

I thought the Raiders may draft Leonard Williams, but wide receiver was a huge need. 2nd year QB Derek Carr needs weapons and Cooper is tremendous.

1-5-REDSKINS-17-Brandon Scherff-OT-Iowa-Sr-6'5-319

Scherff is a plug and play guy, who will be a ten-year starter at either tackle or guard. It wasn’t the best value, but a solid pick.

1-6-JETS-2-Leonard Williams-DT-Southern Cal-Jr-6'5-302

The Jets took the old best available player strategy instead of drafting for need. Their defensive line was already loaded. There is a rumor of possibly trading Pro Bowler Mohammed Wilkerson, which would make this pick make more sense.

1-7-BEARS-7-Kevin White-WR-West Virginia-Sr-6'3-215

White has tremendous physical ability and upside. He replaces the traded Brandon Marshall.

1-8-FALCONS-13-Vic Beasley-OLB-Clemson-Sr-6'3-246

Atlanta has needed a pass rusher for what seems like years. Beasley will give them that in spades. Just don’t ask him to stop the run.

1-9-GIANTS-25-Ereck Flowers-OT-Miami (FL)-Jr-6'6-329

Flowers may not start right away, but he has a high upside.

1-10-RAMS-14-Todd Gurley-RB-Georgia -Jr-6'0-222

This was the first surprise pick in round one. Gurley is a rare breed at running back. It wasn’t a need pick for St. Louis, but the best player available. Look for RB Zac Stacy to be dealt or released soon.

1-11-VIKINGS-24-Trae Waynes-CB-Michigan State-Jr-6'0-186

Waynes is a great man-to-man cover guy. He struggles with his tackling. He fits Mike Zimmer’s defense perfectly.

1-12-BROWNS-8-Danny Shelton-DT-Washington-Sr-6'1-343

Shelton is the perfect 34 nose tackle and is a day one starter for the Browns.

1-13-SAINTS-23-Andrus Peat-OT-Stanford-Jr-6'7-313

Peat should be a day one starter at right tackle for New Orleans. I thought he went a little high.

1-14-DOLPHINS-6-DeVante Parker-WR-Louisville-Sr-6'3-209

Parker is a tremendous wide receiver, who can get deep, and also make the contested catch.

1-15-CHARGERS-22-Melvin Gordan-RB-Wisconsin-Jr-6'0-215

San Diego needed a RB, so they assured themselves that they got one. They traded a couple of mid-round picks to move up. Gordan has breakaway speed. He has improved in the passing game, but isn’t there yet.

1-16-TEXANS-64-Kevin Johnson-CB-Wake Forest-Sr-6'0-188

This was the first of many big reach picks in the first round. Johnson has good cover ability, but I am concerned about his slight frame. He was my #7 ranked CB.

1-17-49ERS-40-Arik Armstead-DT-Oregon-Jr-6'7-292

Armstead is a perfect 5tech player for San Francisco. He could replace Justin Smith.

1-18-CHIEFS-16-Marcus Peters-CB-Washington-Jr-6'0-197

Peters based solely on talent, is the best corner in the draft. He had some issues with the coaching staff at Washington, and was kicked off the team. If he keeps his nose clean, the sky is the limit.

1-19-BROWNS-33-Cameron Erving-OC-Florida State-Sr-6'5-313

This wasn’t an immediate need pick for Cleveland. It was more along the lines of if Alex Mack opts out of his contract after this season, we will need this guy pick.

1-20-EAGLES-11-Nelson Agholar-WR-Southern Cal-Jr-6'0-198

Agholar is the perfect wide receiver for Chip Kelly’s offense.

1-21-BENGALS-62-Cedric Ogbuehi-OT-Texas A&M-Sr-6'5-306

This is essentially a “redshirt” pick for the Bengals. Ogbuehi was considered a top ten pick before tearing his ACL in the Aggies bowl game. He will not need to play this season (although he will get some work), but after the 2015 season, both of the Bengals starting offensive tackles are free agents.

1-22-STEELERS-21-Bud Dupree-DE-Kentucky-Sr-6'4-269

The Steelers were ecstatic to get the pass rusher they wanted in Dupree.

1-23-BRONCOS-26-Shane Ray-OLB-Missouri-Jr-6'2-245

The Broncos moved up ahead of Arizona (trading a few mid-round picks) to draft pass rusher Shane Ray. Ray fell in the draft after getting a citation for marijuana possession earlier in the week.

1-24-CARDINALS-32-D.J Humphries-OT-Florida -Jr-6'5-307

The Arizona fall back plan after Dupree and Ray were taken was to help beef up their o-line.

1-25-PANTHERS-12-Shaq Thompson-OLB-Washington-Jr-6'0-228

Thompson is one the best athletes in the draft. Thompson started his career as a safety, before moving to linebacker. He also played some running back. Thompson should start at the SAM position before possibly transitioning to WILL.

1-26-RAVENS-51-Breshad Perriman-WR-UCF-Jr-6'2-212

Perriman is a big, fast wide out, who can stretch the field. He drops way too many passes.

1-27-COWBOYS-38-Byron Jones-CB-Uconn-Sr-6'1-199

 Jones is a very good cover man, who figuratively jumped up everyone’s rankings after a broad jump that would have broken a world record at the combine (12 ft. 3 in.).

1-28-LIONS-80-Laken Tominson-OG-Duke-Sr-6'3-323

Tomlinson will be a solid starter from day one, but this was easily one round too high to draft him.

1-29-COLTS-79-Phillip Dorsett-WR-Miami (FL)-Sr-5'9-183

How many damn wide receivers does one team need? The Colts added Dorsett to a group that already has T.Y. Hilton, Andre Johnson, Donte Moncreif, and CFL signee Duron Carter (son of Hall-of-Famer Cris). Just poor value here by Indianapolis.

1-30-PACKERS-93-Demarious Randall-DS-Arizona State-Sr-5'10-194

Randall was a late riser up draft boards. The Packers like him at corner, where he does have some experience.

1-31-SAINTS-81-Stephone Anthony-ILB-Clemson-Sr-6'2-245

Anthony was my #5 ranked ILB, but the Saints decided to make him the first ILB off the board. Anthony has solid tape and had a good Senior Bowl week, but this a reach. Not surprising considering the track record of GM Mickey Loomis.

1-32-PATRIOTS-31-Malcolm Brown-DT-Texas-Jr-6'2-319

Bill Bellichick stayed pat, and got the man they wanted. Brown should start early, and help replace Vince Wilfork.

**Draft Eve (4/29/15) **

We are less than 23 hours away from the 2015 NFL Draft! I have sifted through the smoke screens. I can’t wait for the draft to begin. Everything on the site is final for the 2015 NFL draft.




**News Update (4/10/15) **

We are a miniscule TWENTY days away from the 2015 NFL Draft!!! We are firmly into smoke-screen season. The rumors are flying, and not much of it is believable.

Tampa Bay is locked in on picking a quarterback with the #1 overall pick. The only question remaining is will it be Florida State’s Jameis Winston or Oregon’s Marcus Mariota? The assumption is Winston goes first to Tampa. Some of the bigger rumors out there involve the Titans pick at #2. The main rumors involve the Bears, Browns, and Chargers. The Bears would trade pick #7, QB Jay Cutler, and some filler to move up five spots to select Mariota. The Browns would trade picks #12 & #19 to move up to #2 for Mariota, as the Browns brass has fallen out of love with last year’s top pick Johnny Manziel. The Chargers would trade pick #17 and QB Phillip Rivers to move up to pick Mariota. Rivers is entering the last year of his contract and doesn’t seem too thrilled with the idea of playing in Los Angeles. It promises to be a fun few weeks.

Mock Draft...UPDATED!
Big Board...UPDATED!!
Position Rankings...UPDATED!!!


  • The Redskins have traded a 2016 6th round pick to Tampa Bay for safety Dashon Goldson and a 2016 7th round pick.
  • Florida State CB P.J. Williams was arrested this morning for DWI. Williams is currently the DFD #1 ranked corner.
  • Steelers RB LeVeon Bell suspended 3 games, fined additional game check for violating substance abuse policy, per league sources. He is appealing. The Steelers must have anticipated this when they signed free agent RB Deangelo Williams.
  • Steelers safety Troy Polamalu has announced his retirement. Polomalu had a great and potentially hall-of-fame career, but the last few years have not been kind.

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